3 months since you left
by Arpita
Topsy - It's been 3 months today and in this last 3 months not a single day passed that I didn't missed you. Everyone may forget you but I won't be able to forget you until my last breath.

Without you I feel something a very important part of my life is missing. Here in India, festival months have started and recently we celebrated NAVRATRI, but I was not able to celebrate the festival this year.

Rick also misses you and feel lonely sometimes as he doesn't find his brother around him any more to play with him, go for a walk together or disturb him while he is sleeping.

I miss you around that how you used to be very interested to know whenever I used to receive any new parcel.

I have many things to share with you but at this moment I am literally not able to as I am getting short of words and I even may break down.

Be happy Topsy and be blessed!

I and Rick is going to join you there very soon.

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