My best friend
by Ashley Polanco
I got Dobby from my parents when he was 9 months old. I loved him every day even my kids were a little jelous of him they wanted to know why he followed me everywhere I went and why he always had to be next to me. Dobby was there for me through thick and thin he knew when something was bothering me and when I was happy. He would wait for me everyday by the window for me to get home from work which made me really sad that he was depressed without me. When I got home he was right there by the door barking wanting me to pick him up give him a little love and run to his food. He would take a couple pieces of food and bring them by me and eat then run to get some more until he was full. Sometimes I would just grab a handful for him so he didn't have to keep running back and forth. I took Dobby everywhere with me that I could. He took showers with me when he needed a bath and when I got out of the shower everyday he would lick my legs and feet, especially if I put on lotion or oil he loved that. If I were sad like I am now he would be here licking my face making me feel better. Yesterday my baby got hit by a car he was a small Yorkie he saw the neighbor across the street and started to run across I didn't want to call his name or tell him no because I was scared he would still in the middle of the road I was praying that moment that he would miss that truck by a miracle then I heard a thump and I ran to the road and saw my little baby lying there in the road with his head turned facing his back. It broke his neck I was on the ground telling him I love him and kissing him and praying to God that he was going to be ok but he wasn't he was gone I picked up my Dobby and I held him for 2 hrs lifeless talking to him crying begging the lord to let him wake up from this rocking him back and forth kissing him telling him I was sorry that I love him I could not put him down. I realized I had lost my very best friend my little booger that's what I called him he loved me so much and I loved him too I still do I can't stop crying I can't stop thinking of what happened my heart is torn I am so depressed. I walk in the house now and he is not there at the door I sit on the couch and he is not there right next to me I go outside and he's not there following me around the house. I find myself crying saying his name still telling him I love him. Last night I laid on the porch right on the ground with his blanket looking at the stars praying by a miracle my baby would run up to me and I was just dreaming... It's true it happened and now I don't know what to do I can't stop crying my days are hard I feel lost so lost and broken. I love you Dobby I always will you were my best!!!!!! I hope I see u soon
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