My Baby Love
by Barbara Dunnell
�� My sweet little precious darling Angel of mine crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Monday. She will always and forever Captivate my heart and soul. Our hearts and our souls were combined into ONE. Undoubtedly when she crossed over that Rainbow Bridge she took my heart and my soul with her, the pain is unimaginable an unbearable at most times. But now my baby love you're pain free with a new little body and made whole again.

To my sweet Angel: God allowed me to be part of your life to love and care for you a little over 14 years and now I guess he wanted his sweet little darling Angel back.
I shall see you again waiting on me at the other end of the Rainbow Bridge and then we will never depart ever again. I Will Always Love You as much as I do now and forever. There remains and always will remain a huge void in my life and heart. But we had the most sweetest magical memories only a human and a dog could imagine having. You are and will be my everything and my little sunshine.

I'll never forget the time you came into my life "you chose me" not the other way around and then you captivated my whole heart and soul, you wouldn't have had it any other way. I've really tried to avoid you, you were my mom's dog but you did not want her you wanted me and I was afraid my German Shepherd would hurt you but the minute I brought you into my home he adopted you and he protected you and you two just became best of friends. You were a little dog but you had a big spirit you love going fishing, love the outdoors and love the lake you love going on adventures ..will baby love I hope you're doing all of that in heaven now Over the Rainbow Bridge. And I'm sure everyone will fall in love with you just like we did. Not surprising everybody falls in love with you when you're around them.

From then on you were my rock you stood by me through good times or bad times always there for me, you completely and quickly became mine little soulmate. I have never had an animal steal my heart and soul to the core of my being like you did. And now you took all of them with you when you crossed over that Rainbow Bridge. I feel like life is been sucked right out of me to the point of feeling paralyzed and numb, it's hard to even breath, eat or sleep. But I guess that's what PURE--PURE love is all about.... And This is not good bye, but I will see you again. Please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again...I Love you "MY BABY LOVE"..... I will miss you forever and always....xoxoxoxo ��

Thank you Friends Forever her little box and the packet was beautiful...
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