I wonder..
by Becky Kiefer
You crossed the rainbow bridge on October 25th and met your brother Max there. It was sooo hard to let you go Pj! Mama's heart and eye's still cry for you because I miss you so much! I miss the smell of your fur and how you just followed me everywhere. You were my fur baby and I feel like up to the last 3 day's when I noticed you getting worse I let you suffer, I knew you would let me know when you were ready and that day you did. The 19 yrs of memories I have with you doesn't take over the last 3 day's I shared with you. I'm so so sorry Pj. I had you since a kitten and got to keep you for longer than anyone is able to share with their fur baby. You taught me that there is love out there that is unconditional and how to care for something and know that no matter what happened in my life I would never of given you or Max up. Soo with this rambling that your mama just did I just wonder if I was a good kitty mama for you. I miss you and Max so much. I love you Pj baby and mama loves you too Max. Max got to rainbow bridge 8/11/17, Pj 10/25/17.
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