A taste of Pepsi
by Beloved Brown
I was in a rough time in my life (first semester of senior year college) when my dad brought Pepsi (Cane corso) from an old friend of his. He brought her for 150$ and 2 bags of weed (sorry). When I first came home from School, I was excited to meet her. I had already had bad thoughts towards myself and my life, so she gave a nice change. It was something new from what I was used to. I never had a pet in my life, so I was scared that she didn’t like me.
To my surprise, we loved each other dearly. I’m a pretty unemotional person, but the emotions Pepsi brought out of me left me in complete awe. I talked to her in sweet baby voices despite her huge size, cuddled her, and sung to her. I’m 5’0 90 pounds but I made sure I picked her huge ass up every chance I got. She was the most biggest dog i’d ever seen, but I loved her. She was gorgeous: jet black with light brown stripes. I always told her that her eyes were pools of honey because they were a striking light brown.
On July 30, 2020 Pepsi didn’t want to finish her dinner. We usually shared a meal together, and she was naturally greedy, but she didn’t eat. To make a long story short, after taking her to the vet, we knew she was dying. That previous week my neighbors threw Spanish fly in her face. It’s a sex drug for men, that if taken by anything with female DNA, blood will rush out from them. On July 31st , Pepsi had blood rushing out of her none stop. I was screaming and crying the entire day. I didn’t go to sleep because I stayed up with her and cuddled with her in my favorite blanket. She threw up on it and everything, but I lost my mind and still lay with her. She died at about 8:30 am in front of me. I cried nonstop , feeling a pain I never felt. I have never been the same.
If there are typos I’m sorry, but I’m still in shock and disbelief. I believe seeing her die caused some type of PTSD. I pray that I dream about her , to know that she’s okay. I wonder does she miss me as much as I miss her.
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