My Best Friend
by Betty Patton
My Best Friend

Last night something happened
That really broke my heart
My best friend my black cat Midnight died
Now have to face that we are apart

Never to hear his sweet Burrow sound
Never to hear his amazing comforting purr
Or see his wondering look from his glowing green eyes
Or pet his fluffy soft fur

He was so handsome with his black fur, white whiskers
and white diamond on his chest
So cute with his mouse when he played and he loved to be with me
So did I love to be with him making my day especially joyful
and then felt like celebrating and having cookies and tea

Have my memories
Knew some day we would part
So glad was able to give you a good life and home filled
with love and care for you
Thank you Midnight for being a part of my life and for
loving me, you are forever in my heart

By Betty Patton © 2021 June 8

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