July 4th
by Bev Stevens
One year a few years back - hubby and I were lucky enough to be invited to a July 4th event in our town. We kissed out fur babies goodbye on the heads before we left for the evening and we left Sam in charge as we ALWAYS singled out one of them to be in charge of the others when we went out for a few hours. We always loved to watch the Boston Pops every July 4th and made a special effort to get home by 10 PM. We could watch Boston's fireworks on our TV in the comfort of our home. We arrive home a few minutes before 10PM to get comfy and settle in for a great show. They never disappointed. As we walked into our dark home we flicked on the light in our TV room where the pups, Sam and his Mom Katie were supposed to be soundly sleeping on their beds. As the first light went on there was terror and confusion in my mind and heart!! There, in the TV room the entire room 12 x 14 feet was knee deep in feathers!!!! What the heck happened??? Did they get ahold of a neighbors chickens???? There was NO blood - only the wrinkled up cover from 2 down pillows from the bedroom! So much for those pillows. Sam did NOT do his job. He was the one in charge but he may have been the ring leader in the fun they had that night. It took over an hour to vacuum up ALL those feathers and needless to see we NEVER saw the Boston Pops that fateful July 4th. No cookie for Sam that night - or Katie. They are both running free over the Rainbow Bridge now (Katie just yesterday) but now she is with Sam and I am so happy they are together again.
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