I'll always miss you
by Beverly Burns
Mercedes; you were with me for 13 years you knew me as Netta because you came to me as a blessing from another family member who had to move and couldn't keep her. You loved me, I loved you, so come live with me, and you did for 13 great years. We took care of each other. We knew each others moods and needs, laughed, played, pouted, griped, and did all sorts of family stuff. I can't put in words what you mean and always will to me. I know in my soul you know how much you were and will be loved, remembered, missed; always. Your "Aunt Beverly" is writing this for me since I don't have a computer (as you know). You know everything about me, and I knew I could trust you not to say a thing. Rainbow Bridge is where "Aunt Beverly" has several dogs who have gone to there, it's believed by many Christians that God has a special place for our all our loved ones, even those called "pets" by those who don't understand that deep and unconditional love, a love that so deep they would do anything for you and you for them. Rainbow Bridge is that place, enjoy my precious one for your suffering is no longer. Love; Mom (Netta) & "Aunt Beverly" God grant healing for the loss of Mercedes, beloved companion.
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