by Bobbie Brucks

Our Pikey was a black dog, he always gas our heart.
Our Pikey was a black dog and yes, he’s very smart.

He’s just my big oil’ baby boy, he’s sweet as he could be.
He’s just my big old’ buddy boy, and I know he loves me.

He was such a handsome boy, his eyes were brown and bright.
His coat was black and shiny, his paws, tail tip and muzzle white.

He woke me in the morning with a snuggle and a kiss.
He used to sleep beside me, and that I really miss.

Life with him was trying, he was scared of everything.
He liked to talk and bark and he could even sing!

He was a very special boy, unique in many ways.
My heart broke in two, when cancer took him away.

I miss his beady eyes and scratching on his butt.
He was such a funny boy, he was really quite a nut.

The Rainbow Bridge was calling, sister Ali waits beside.
Little Roxi misses her brother, it hurts her deep inside.

It was okay for you to go, buddy. No need to wait for me.
You can go sweet Pikey, it was time to run free.

We love our Pkey boy, he’s fine as he could be.
You’re always with us buddy, even when your spirit runs free.

Always in our hearts, until we meet again.

RIP PIKE 7/20/09-3/3/21
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