A Pat on the Head
May 23rd. 2004

You walked right past me like I wasn't even there, not even a pat on my head nor a glance my way.

You walked right past, thinking only of your plans ahead… Gotta get to the store, , have to pay the bills, the kids need shoes , who's gonna fix that broken door?

You didn't once notice my longing stare. I just wanted a pat on the head, to hear you say," Good boy, I'll be right back".

Even that much would have been OK…. but you had so many plans for the rest of the day…

I heard the door, ran to you, waggin my tail like all good doggies do. I tried my best, hoping for a little love from you..

"Not now, little one, later OK, later, when the kids are in bed."

The lights are out, the house is quiet. It's my turn now, I just know it…
You ran up the stairs, not a glance my way, thinking of your plans for the following day.

So much to do, make-up to try, What clothes to wear for the new job interview. I lay back down, time's running out.

I see the magical colors of the Rainbow, so vivid ahead; Gold and pink, blue and red.

All I wanted was on a pat on the head….

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