"Conversations from the Bridge..."
by Ginny Brancato
Do they know we Pray, Fifi?

Listen ,Fifi meowed....listen.

All Ears perked up, tails wagged swiftly back and forth, wings fluttered to the sound of soft vibrations .

Chimes, Charity whispered, chimes, someone is asking for a prayer..

Lady and Rambo jumped high up onto a fluffy cloud to take a peek over the meadow. Buddy squealed, "look at the rainbow!"

A soft golden glow illuminated them all as they darted toward the site of the magical rainbow, shimmering beyond them. Boo Boo jumped atop the regal Diva and Mugsy and Max held tight to her glorious mane, as she swished it back and forth .. and pranced proudly through the green lush blades of grass.

The chimes grew louder as they got closer and the rainbow seemed to sway in tune. They all knew..a prayer was needed..

The crickets rubbed their wings in succession to the chimes and the the fluttering of the birds wings carried the joyful tune across the Bridge for all to came awake. ... even the tiny one's opened their eyes to the magical sound sent their way, the beauty and wonderment of the Bridge reflected love and contentment within their gaze.

"Do they know we pray for them," Charity whispered to Fifi.

"Yes, they know we pray. They feel our spirit all the time, they do. They know we hear their prayers".

Fifi 's paw touched Salem's head gently. Charity looked up, a solemn look upon her sweet face.

"But sometimes we don't answer their prayers, will they know we prayed, Fifi?"

Fifi's tail wrapped around Salem, Floyd and BO. Precious, wrapped her tail around Saboo, Gizmo and Dusty. Ozzie, Burton, Cristal and Harley leaned even closer. waiting for Fifi's reply..Coco and Tipple Toes drew even nearer

Fifi whispered," They'll know it was time for their loved ones to leave for the Bridge, to be with us until we all meet again. They will know we prayed, they will just know "

The rustling of the wind calmed down for a brief moment of silence...

Fifi whispered softly, "Hear our prayer to earth".

Hear our prayer to earth they all said together. Meows and dog barks and every animal sound at the bridge could be heard ....and a loving prayer was sent to Earth . Soon the sounds of chimes slowed down, the tunes fading within the blue blue sky and white fluffy clouds. - the lakes, waters and ponds all blended together, a stream of silver liquid. The golden yellow sun shined brightly, the moon was white as snow. ---- Look your pink, Regit giggled and your green Angus laughed loudly.

The Rainbow glowed fiercely, the pinks and greens so vivid, the red so vibrant it seemed to pulsate in the golden light. The tiny fireflies circled around everyone turning red, orange and purple it seemed all at one time. Everyone giggled in delight.

Fifi and Salem gave kitty hugs for free to all.

It was play time once again, another day at the Bridge had begun.

Written in Memory of John's furbaby Salem

John's prayer was answered --

Written in honor and memory ..June 26th 2005 Ginny (FiFicat) Brancato

Founder - Rainbows Bridge.com Until you meet again and cross the Bridge together.

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