Everything you did
by Brennan
Chico was always such a strong fighter, quite the warrior king..He went through so much but he always had a shine in his eye, and a beautiful cocky walk. He knew he was special and I love every bit of him, forever and always, he was with me for as long as I can remember, he wiped away my tears (literally, he'd nuzzles my face wiping them away when I cried) He always made me laugh and gave the best cuddles. He was a lil sneaky too, always popping up under my arm or over my shoulder to get my food..I swear he's the only T-Chihuahua you'd ever met that got excited over coffee.. (of course I tried not to let him drink it or too much) . It's so hard not having him in my life, we did everything..EVERYTHING together.. ate, shopped, slept/napped..he was always here in my arms, and though I'm so thankful I have my other chi, Missy, my lap and arms still feel so vacant and empty, and I know my heart will never be patched or full as no one, no pet or anything can ever fill the cavity in my heart, only chico ever could. I sweet, beautiful chico. He was so tiny but he always thought he was so big and tough and would even try to walk with his chest puffed out like a bulldog..he stumbled a lot when he did though cause he just wasn't meant to do it, he would always "stalk" other family members and he was so protective of me. Sometimes if someone was by me I would playfully say "ow" and he would go nuts. You could practically here him say "Don't touch my papa!" ..He was so precious. I'll always miss that and miss how he always slept by my heart or the closest he could be. He always did. I even miss his loud old man snores he had, I miss his impatience and how he would always talk if I "took too long" doing something, God, I miss my baby so much. I had him for 13yrs.. We grew up together.. I raised him.. He was..is..my child. Forever and always.

I still remember the first day I got him, it was on Easter, and I was only about 7yrs old. I took an old small suitcase I had and I covered the inside with a dora blanket, my mum went into this house and brought him out, sat him in it and ever since we were inseparable.
years before ever getting Chico, I actually used to have a little brown chihuahua plushy that I named "chico" And I always said, if I ever got a lil brown chi, that's what I'd name him.. some years passed, mum saw on craigslist this woman giving away a lil brown chi cause "he was too much to take care of, not potty trained" and they just got a new cat and "the kids weren't interested in him anymore" so he just gave him up for free.. mum volunteered to get him and as you can guess by now, I held my word and name him Chico. Though to be fair. he responded to bubby too.

He was so feisty and thought he was king tut..it was a joke but in reality, he was my king. He is my king...
I would always tell mum every time he got sick ; "He is my universe and every star and planet that inhabits it. I'd circle the moon and pull down planets for him, I'd grab the stars even if it melts me. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him, my little king."
He was more than just a pet, he was more than just a dog, he was my baby, my child --just like ones people birth - my love for him was no different. Of course I didn't birth him (that'd be so weird!) I loved him just as if i did.
I fed, clothed (he loved his sweaters), tucked in bed, took to stores, bathe and even sung to him. He really liked when I hum "you are my sunshine" and he always fell asleep when I would sing to him a little poem I made years ago. Perhaps I'll post it to help others, but what I'm typing this on I currently don't have it.

I'll forever be heartbroken about his loss, and honestly it still doesn't feel real. I'm waiting to wake up still.. and see him by my side..spread on his back just snoring away, his head on my pillow..I'm still waiting for him to scratch my ankle to say he wants up, or his bossy squeak..

I love you baby, always remember that, and know I'm coming one day.
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