My Daisy Girl
by Brian Wyant
Daisy left our world Sunday morning she passed away in her sleep. I want to believe that was her last deeply loving act amongst thousands of others. She knew how hard it would be on me and us for it to go any other way so this is what I hold onto.
Daisy was the sweetest deepest loving devoted trusting dog I've ever had.
The bond between us was unlike anything I've ever had or felt from any of my pups ever so yes she enveloped me into her life with a love and bond so deeply.
Her funny noises and grunts, her snoring, and greeting me every single day with a happiness and waging tail just seeing me made her day complete.
I was determined to give her everything I could and let her k ow how deeply I loved her from the day my mom could no longer keep her. She came to us at the age of 10 and we had her for close to 2 1/2 years. I was determined to never ever let her feel unwanted or unloved I was determined to allow her to experience as much of life as I could. Shoppimg trips to home depot a d Lowes, walks, traveling to the mountains, playing in the snow, laying on the floor with her cuddling up to my chest was the BEST!! Ever. I will miss this cuddles so much. She knew me and there was a curious understanding we had with I e another even though she couldn't hear she behaved and knew what I asked of her. I will so miss seeing her running down the driveway after me her big floppy ears flying in the wind. I already miss giving her her cookie after going out every morning it was one of the highlights of her entire days getting that simple little cookie just meant the world to her as shed grab it and run to the living room to eat it in her same special place every day.
How shed shake her bowl at 6pm if she didn't have her dinner yet a d carry 1 piece of food at a time into the living room to eat a d then go get another piece and back to the living room.
Eveey single day she followed me to the door as I got ready to leave wishing and hoping I'd take her with me. Many times I did many I didn't I wish I would have taken her more now.
The last time I saw her she was standing at my mother in laws glass storm door watching me take off for a weekend mountain trip. It was just 2 days later and she was gone.
My heart breaks and I am committed to grieve properly and allow myself everything I need to go through this heartbreak. I love my Daisy so so deeply and she loved me even more without any reservation and in complete unconditionally.
I love you so much my Daisy I will see you again one day and be so looking forward to your face, your kisses, your cuddles. Thank you for being the best part if my life for many many days.
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