My Life
by Brian

MAY 5, 1989 – JUNE 27, 2004

Hello there, my name is Chelsey, no not really; I’m just known as the really fuzzy puppy. I was born on May 5th, 1989. I had two sisters and three brothers and on June 26th I went to this really neat family. While I was there my new “mommy” thought that she was getting a lap dog, well after about six months I really fooled her I was almost thirty-five pounds by then. My new parents bought me all sorts of new toys and I even had my own house after awhile, that is after they trusted me to have full run of their house, for you see I really made a mess of their kitchen so much so that I almost lost my new family and my new happy home.

I finally out grew that stupid stuff of chewing the chairs and tearing up their kitchen floor. Now I have chairs to sit on, windows to look out of and a bed to sleep on that is when they aren’t around, I don’t think they know I do the things that I’m not suppose to do when they aren’t home, but for some reason I always think that they know. Could it be maybe my hair on the chairs and bed? My new parents, I’ll call them Mom and Dad have taught me so much. I can understand so many words like when we go for a ride Dad will tell me to get my leash and I know just were he keeps it and we’ll leave the house and he will say we’re taking either the truck or car and I know which vehicle to run too. My parents have to watch what words they say any more though I understand that when I hear they say “CAT” I start to bark like crazy, I don’t know why I do this for I don’t know what “CAT” is, this is something that they are now spelling, but it took me a few months and I know what it is that they are spelling now…. They aren’t so smart!

Yesterday they tricked me though Dad and Mom asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and I was so excited I was jumping and barking telling them “yes I want to go”. We all got into the truck and were riding down the road and they went a different way and stopped at a strange building, I saw strange dogs and cats going in and out of this building and when I went in I was scared. I saw this man come out in a white coat and said”Chelsey Brockmann”, that was me! I was hiding behind my Daddy and he took me into this room and put me on a slippery shiny table. That’s when for the first time I was left alone overnight that I didn’t have Mommy around I was really scared and shaking. I was barking at they when they left me telling them “don’t leave me here I don’t know anyone”!

Dad came and got me the next day and I had my own TATTOO, I got mine before Mom or Dad got theirs…

Well its Winter now and I see all this white stuff falling, wow this is neat !!!!

So this is what snow is. It’s nice and cool on my face and Dad even makes it into little balls at throws them towards me, I like that, I really like it when Mom and Dad sweeps the snow on me it’s so coooool !!!!

Well over the years with my new Mom and Dad I had a really great time and life, they feed me what they eat, I watch TV with them, I go for walks and rides with them and I even get my hair done like Mommy does, boy they are the greatest parents a puppy could have!!!

Well this was the best life a dog, I mean family member could get, like I said earlier I had the best to eat, I could sleep anyplace, I went for rides and walks, I got my hair done and yes I had to go for the occasional visit to the Doctors.

This was a really great thing I had going, that is, until I got older. I was slowly losing my hearing I would watch Mom and Dad to try to read their lips, but they don’t move theirs like I do, my eyes were getting bad and my hips hurt like hell, but I still tried to be with them sometimes they would carry me up and down the steps. After a while I started to cough when I was carried or if I laid down the wrong way, I’d start coughing and hacking up phlegm onto the floor, I always thought that Mom and Dad was mad at me when I did this, but they weren’t, I really think that they were aware that something was wrong.

I was getting to the point that this was now bothering me, so Mom and Dad took me to the Doctors again and they made me feel a little better for a while, but lets face it I’m almost 90 in their years.

A few days later Mom and Dad had to take me back to the Doctors again I was really getting sick now (I had to stay overnight again and I hate that), I knew something was really wrong with me and my parents were trying their best to get me fixed up.

When Mom and Dad came to get me the next day I put on my best bark for them trying to let them know I was OK, but I was really hurting inside, they knew by the way I was walking that I was trying to be a TROOPER right to the end. The Doctor told them I had a really good heart but I had something they call Cancer ???

I knew that this must have been something bad because I saw Mommy start to cry and Dad trying his damnedest to hold back tears.

(Don’t tell them that I heard the Doctor tell Mommy and Dad that I didn’t have long to live maybe a few weeks to maybe a few months, that the Doctor really wasn’t sure.)

They took me home that day and I felt terrible, I hurt inside and had a hard time walking.

I was trying several times to find a spot were they couldn’t see me or find me so I could lay down and finally sleep for the rest of my life, but they kept finding me and helping me back so that they could comfort me, for they also knew that I need a very long sleep.

The next day I saw Mommy talking to Daddy and I knew it was about me, they both knew that I was really hurting and that I wasn’t gonna get better. I kept saying to myself please Mom and Dad let me go to sleep it won’t hurt then.

Mom…Dad, don’t feel sad for what happened to me for you see I don’t hurt anymore and I know that me being sick was also hurting you both.

I can only hope that someday, so very soon you take the time and find another puppy, I know that you both will give her as much love as you gave to me and let me tell you, “You both gave enough for several puppies”.

And Mom, don’t get upset for I’ve seen many pictures of me around the house and I’ve even noticed you got “ME” tattooed on your back, so you see I’m always with you Mommy.

Love you forever and I’ll be watching over you and Daddy…………… Love Chelsey
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