You chose me
by Bryan
You chose me....
I had an open heart and mind in the pet store that day that you chose me. I looked at all the puppies in the windows and none felt right, that was until you chose me. Your tiny black paws pressed against the glass watching my every movement in the store, your almost people like eyes never missed a step you see, you chose me. I asked the owner may I see him? He said of course, he looks like he likes you. I picked you up and gave you a good look over, your soft black fur with tiny white markings were perfect, but your eyes locked onto mine and stared into my soul and that all I could see, it was at that moment I knew, you chose me!

Fast forward 7 1/2 years later you still stared at me with those same loving people like eyes that could peer through any soul, I am thankful those eyes chose me. It was a brisk night on march 1st 2016 that we laid on the couch doing our almost nightly routine, you stared at me again with those big brown eyes that nearly 8 years ago chose me. This time it was different, it seemed as thought it was an eternity we stared at eachother, so much that mommy laughed that we were having a staring contest I knew I wouldn't win. I could stare all day at those beautiful eyes that chose me. But it was different this time, I felt you in my heart and soul this time. You could of laid and stared at mommy who was eating your favorite treat, but you chose me.

I asked you if you wanted to go potty just like every night before we went to bed. You hopped up and danced with excitement just like that day you chose me. I grabbed my coat and we started towards the back door. Little did I know, this was the last time those beautiful loving eyes would choose me. You looked up at me and stared at me so calm, which was unlike yourself while we waited for your fur brother Rusty to scurry through the kitchen to go potty with you. I said "lets go" and that's the moment that changed my life forever, the puppy that 7 1/2 years ago chose me darted out the back door after a bunny sitting outside the back door. I yelled for you to stop like I usually do, and 10/10 times you stop in your tracks. This time you didn't stop. I gave chase, all I could see was that black fur running like the wind after that rabbit. I came around the house and that is when I heard that awful thud and your poor scared, hurt voice screaming in the road in pain. I yelled "oh my God, no" I knew what had just happened, my best friend just got hit. I picked you up in the dark cold road out of pure instinct, I saw the pain and fear in those eyes that once chose me. You immediately bit my hand because you were scared and in pain and you wouldn't let go. I yelled "Hogan, its me daddy let go" that was when you released my hand looked me in the eyes and then went limp. I prayed for the best but feared the worst. Deep down I felt that was the last time those eyes chose me.

I pray to God you knew I was there and that is what gave you the comfort to cross the bridge. I hope you know your were not alone. Me, mommy and rusty all jumped in the car and rushed you to the vet. It was 30 minutes until doc showed up. There wasn't a second that I stopped staring into those eyes that once chose me. We laid you on the table and that is when doc gave me the worst news of my life so far. You were gone! I grabbed your lifeless body and we headed home, I was so numb. I couldn't stop saying im sorry and please forgive me. I knew I would never be able to stare into those eyes again that once chose me. My heart was shattered into a million pieces I knew life would never be the same for us three but I still thank the Lord above that you chose me.

We wrapped you in your favorite blanky and said our goodbyes as we laid you into the ground that cold march night. I asked God why me? why you? with tears flowing. There are no words to describe how I felt at that moment. I felt so alone and heartbroken, I wanted to be in that whole with you. I will never forget you Hogan. Nearly 8 years ago I walked into that pet store looking for a pet and I found the best friend ive ever known that loved me with every ounce of his beating heart unconditionally. I am forever grateful for that day that you chose me!
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