Why Adopt A Senior Dog
by C J Martin
Why Adopt A Senior Dog

Why adopt a senior dog?
I care about the dogs in shelters, but as a senior citizen with a limited income, I find that all I can do, is adopt one senior dog at a time. (I'm on my 3rd now) most people seem to adopt puppies or young dogs, leaving the older ones, 7 years and older, to spend their final years alone. Yes, it hurts when their time comes, and they pass away, or they become so ill that they need to be put down. But keep in mind, their last years were filled being loved and truly cared for, giving them the feeling of being wanted, they would never have had otherwise.
Please help me let other senior citizens know the benefits and joy of adopting a senior dog. Aside from the obvious paper training, chewing on everything and learning proper behavior that comes with puppies and young dogs, that most older people don't have the patience to deal with.
But, an older dog has already been trained to some degree, so that leaves the good stuff, like: love and companionship, they give us a reason to get up, to be responsible for their well being, to work out a schedule for walks and feeding, visiting the vet and groomer. Making us feel loved and needed once again.
They listen to us and never argue, become our own personal trainer (get us off the couch and take them out for a walk, and bend over to pick up after them) co-pilot in the car when out driving, so that when people catch us talking to ourselves and see our dog they figure we are talking to the dog. They are also our security system, they will let you know when someone is at your door, or on your property. And with your dog you're never alone.
Not to mention the health benefits they provide us. Better blood pressure, less stress, mental sharpness. And the great feeling of being important again.
Thank you for listening.
c. j. martin
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