Till We Meet Again Geneva
by Charmaine L.
Dear Geneva. Mommy is SO happy to have found this website, because I was close to dying of heartbreak since I had to say goodbye to you five days ago. You know you were the love of my LIFE for the past 13 years and I did everything I could to make your life as amazing as you made mines. I won't relive the last couple of hours you were here on earth and I pray GOD takes away the visions of you baby, as you were not well, but I have your ashes coming home soon and for some odd reason, I will feel like you are "home" then with me.

Thank you for ALL the love, and kneading of the dough back massages you would give me with your soft paws, after a long day. I miss you jumping up on the bed when I would come home from work, and standing on your hind legs to press your nose against my lips to give me a "kiss". Sometimes two or three, depending on how late I got home.

I miss you sleeping on me every night and laying across me in the morning, almost like you were holding me hostage so I would not have to go to work.

I missssssss you just being there. The house is so quiet now. Jakob and Vivian looked for you when I came back from the vet. Jakob cried and Vivian looked in every nook and cranny of the house and I told them "she is gone babies".

I thought I was going to die. I didn't eat or could barely sleep for the past few days. I do take comfort in knowing that I did not let you suffer. That would be SELFISH of me to try to hold onto you, knowing that you were so ill. I did everything that I could for you and I love you so much that you would not believe it..then again you knew and that is why we were so close. You were like a human in a furry body.

Anyway, I am glad I can post this so the world will know blessed I am that we had each other for 13 years. LOTS of funny memories and photos and you will NEVER be forgotten. Mommy is going to eventually get another furry baby who looks just like you but please don't think I am replacing you. I have a lot of love to give and there are so many furry babies who need a human mommy like me and I know you would approve. I love you Geneva. Through tears I say that your mommy LOVES you and I know we will meet again.

Until then...
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