by Chris
Please bear with me, I have been trying to put pen to paper to help my grieving…

I feel broken, battered , our time I wish was more,
My heart breaks over and over, when you’re not waiting at the door.
You were loving, loyal, amazing, with that tail always waggin.
Small, shaky, neurotic, but with the heart of a dragon.
I found you all those years ago wandering in the cold.
It wasn’t your time, it kills me that it came time for you to go.
Your bark and whine were louder than all of our other babies combined,
Life feels like a betrayal cuz it just wasn’t your time.
People think I should move on, offer advice but it does no good,
Your passing has taken a piece of me, I can’t seem to shake this mood.
I keep trying to be grateful of all the time we had,
But I am broken and depressed and can’t get past being mad.
You gravitated towards me, why I was chosen, I’ll never know,
I pray you know how much I love you, even sometimes it might not of showed,
I am trying to cope with the hurt, anger, and shame,
Yet still today, I can’t stop crying, even at the simple mention of your name.
I feel as though I missed something, a sign I was unaware,
The loss and debilitating pain from losing you, I wasn’t prepared.
I can see your smile, your wagging tail and crooked paws,
All of the emotions I am feeling , losing you is the cause.
You were the most amazing rider, loved being in my truck,
To think the reason I found you was timing, coincidence, or luck.
Maybe inside I feel like if I lose my grief , than I lose you,
Although you were small in stature, your love always saw me through.
I wear a piece of you around my neck, so that your memory never fades,
I know you wouldn’t want me to suffer, missing you to my last day.
If you could see inside me, you’d see I love you from here to the moon,
Alas, everything I feel just centers around one thing…….You were gone too soon…

I love you Purkins
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Chris
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