Slipped Away
by Christina Johnston
It's day 3 without you- I miss you my Wally, our routines; our time; Mornings, cuddled together on the couch and then finding you laying on the stair with the sunshine. I miss the soft jingles of your dog tags around your neck. I miss your smell- a mixture of your sweetness and the detergent I used to wash your favorite blanket. My heart aches over & over because I re-live that day and every moment before you died trying, begging, pleading to understand... Why? Why didn't I see you as you slipped away- How did I not see you sleep away. The emptiness you've left behind in my heart is so vast & deep that it suffocates all light. I Put you in the cold hard ground wrapped in your softest blanket and placed your duck nestled in with you. Then I read a Psalm. Peace is elusive- comfort only a word as my grief passes not over but swallows me whole because there is no peace in knowing - I let you slip away. How did I .. How could I let you slip away from me?
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