My Precious Companion
by Christine Bryant
My best friend my companion for 14 years. Vegas a gift from God at a devasting time in my life. There was a loss and she was left behind with me. (: NO one except for God has loved me as she did. I thought I already went through the empty nest thing. I never did as Vegas was still there with me when they left. It was just Vegas and I for 10 of those years. Vegas went just about everywhere I went that was possible. Vegas became my companion. I just came back from saying goodbye to her at Pine Nursery for the second time. On the day before I put her to sleep my daughter and I took Vegas there. We were together the three of us that Monday morning that she went. As sad as it was it was nice. Vegas loved ice cream and they brought out a bowl with syrup. She stuck her tongue in it. It was time for her to go we sobbed. I miss her so very much.
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