Our meow
by Colleen
We have had pets ever since I remember, both dogs and cats. I loved them all. They all had long, happy lives. After we took in black and slink (My deceased daddy's cat, who died when he was 15) We adopted a foster/rescue. His name was Homer, but we renamed hi Cheech, which became Chichi.He had a huge abscess in his head, which was taken care of by rescue agency. We fell in love with him at first sight. We had little Chichi for 14 years.We paid approximately 15,000 in medical bills, between urinary blockage, twice. Special diet, etc. We never let him outside, he was our baby. Unfortunately we found out 5 years ago he had fiv,probably when he was feral and received wound. Our precious little guy died 2 months ago, and we can't get over this. I'm still heartbroken. Any help, or is this normal. He was so precious, will we ever get over him?!!
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