by Crystal Gentry

Why call them that when they are so much more?
Soft, squishy, playful bundles of joy to adore.

In the middle of the night you hear that pitiful whine…
Mom, I gotta go out one more time.

Some of them play fetch and some of them eat,
A lot of them swim, and some of them just sleep.

They’ll give you ALL their kisses, slobbery and sweet.
Please Mom, please…just onnnneee more treat?

They let you dress them up to humor you.
Meanwhile in their heads…c’mon Mom, this is embarrassing dude.

They can always figure out a way to make you smile.
And they REALLY love when you play DOG PILE!!!!!

Really the members of the family, just with four paws.
They will defend you to the death without hesitation or pause.

Dogs are loyal from the very start,
And these are just a few reasons that their paw prints are imprinted across our hearts.
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