A letter to my dying dog
by Darian

Dear Shedly,
From the moment you came into my life you have brought me nothing but joy. You have a gift for noticing people's pain and soothing it. When I cry you lick my tears, when I am sick you never leave my side, and when I am too depressed to get out of bed you lay with me. In all my life I have never met anything with a soul as pure and good as yours. Your love for me and this world is unconditional. One day I hope I can be half the person you thought of me to be. Every time you'd see me you'd run around in little circles and jump on my legs. I can't imagine being that excited to see someone, but you always were. Whether I was gone for two weeks of two hours. It didn't matter, the love was the same. I love you so so so much. You were never just a dog to me, and you never will be. Laying in bed with you for the last time I wish I could tell you all this, I wish you could understand. As I cry about losing you, you lick my tears away and it breaks my heart that you have no idea I'm mourning you. I hope you can forgive me for what is about to take place, because for once in your life I'm taking you somewhere where you will not return home with me and everything will not be okay. You were going to die and I'm allowing that to happen so you will no longer have to live in pain. I'm sorry for this. I do not like playing god, most certainly not with my best friends life, but hearing your groans of pain I just can't let you live in such agony. Especially when you love to run and jump so much. I wish I could promise you fields of bacon, or that there's going to be an exact replica of me and our house in "heaven" but the truth is that I don't know if any of that is true. All I can do is just hope the Christians are right on the whole heaven thing. And if they're wrong? And you just stop existing? Then there will be a hole in my universe because you deserve a heaven, and fields of bacon. I'm going to miss you. When I look at my bed I'm going to see nothing there, in your crate will be one dog, not two. No longer will I call out "Come here girls!" But rather "Come here girl." When people ask I will say I have one dog but I will think of you, and I will miss you. I will take care of your sister the best I can, as I know no one will be more confused and hurt than her. The events to come a good dreadfully scary and unknown, but there are a few things I do know that I can promise you.
-I will be there till the very end.
- I love you.
-Your sister will be fine.
-You will never be forgotten.
The next time I see you you will be in a box, and I will put you and your picture on the shelf, and I will continue to love you.
Love always you're Human mom,
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