Lost my Buddy
by Dave
We had a wonderful cat for 11 years (Zoey). Than she started to pee in the house. We took her to the Vet which they were treating her for a urinating infection (Anti Biotic's) They couldn't get a sample of her urine. She kept urinating so we took her back again and this time they got a sample and said her urine was fine, but we will give her some more anti Biotic's.
I asked if there is anything else we can do? She really didn't answer me.
In the mean time I tore up the carpet, painted the wood underneath, replaced the carpet padding, replaced the base boards and paint the vent. I loved this cat. 10 days later she peed again.
The house was starting to smell. We decided to put her down. We had to wait a couple of days because she was really busy. Finally it came to the day and she wanted to talk to us. She said she wasn't done testing. At this time I getting a little upset. My wife told her our house is really starting to smell and we have Grandkids.
She said "I would just tell our friends that we have a cat that pees in the house. If they don't like it, don't invite them back."
We had her euthanized.
Now it's been 3 weeks and I feel terrible. I killed my cat.
Terrible experience with the vet...
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Dave
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