by David Mitchell
I was introduced to rescuing cats by my Girlfriend Silvia Smith and rescued my first Kitten from the Shelter around 2007, he was a little tiny scruffy Grey kitten and we named him Angel. i felt that he needed a companion to grow up with so i started looking online for a a buddy he could grow up with. I looked for a couple of weeks and then i saw a picture of a Maine Coone Mix and i was immediately fascinated by his picture and the comments about the Cat. He was a bit older maybe 3-4 years old and was located at a Veterinary Clinic quite a distance from my house but something was incredibly strong urging me to go and take a look at this cat. When I got to the Vets Office I was taken back into a backroom where they had about twenty or so cages for their cats that were up for adoption, his cage was empty and that's when the girls taking care of all the cats told me he was probably running around the Hospital going from room to room greeting all of the new cat patients and their owners, he was a therapy cat and got along with all the new arrivals. When he finally showed up I fell instantly in Love with him and started making arrangements to adopt him. Most of the hospital staff gathered around the front desk when i was filling out the paperwork and a few of them started crying because they did not want to see him go. I thought that was a little strange because the staff sees so many cats and i did not understand why this cat would be that special. I told the girls that i would send them pictures and updates on how well the Cat is doing with us as his new Parents. We named him BIG BOY because he was about twenty pounds when we got him and I brought him home to Joined Angel back at the house. Big Boy Was so scared when I brought him home that we put him in a private room for him to adjust before we introduced him to his new Pal Angel. Big Boy would not get out of his cat carrier h was so scared and Silvia would set next to Big Boys Carrier for the next three days before he finally came out to meet Silvia and he immediately began to lick her toes and shower Silvia with affection and a Lifetime of Incredible LOVE, Kindness and Affection began with Big Boy, Silvia and I and all of the cats we fostered and adopted. Big Boy was the most amazing loving caring cat I could have ever imagined, he gave Silvia and I Unconditional Love and all of his other Cat Brothers and Sisters as well for the next Fifteen years with us. I had never witnessed unconditional Love and feel that kind of Spiritual Love from Anyone or any other living thing like i did with Big Boy. Over the last week or so he suddenly started showing signs of struggling health issues and his breathing was getting more and more irregular so I set up an appointment to take him to the Vet for a check up and it was scheduled for tomorrow but this morning his issues were getting worse so i made an emergency call to the Vet Clinic to bring him in Today. Today is May 24, 2022 and as i drove Big Boy to the Clinic i could see that he was really getting worse by the minute, and thru My Uncontrollable Tears I knew the end was near and as i arrived at the Clinic and Parked my Car The Big Kitty took his last breaths of Live and i could see he had Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge and he was Gone. I feel so overwhelmed by Grief and Sadness at the Loss of Such a Precious Love and my Best Friend I will miss him for the Rest of my Life, Silvia and I will remember the most incredible Love we received from Big Boy to the End of our Lives Together. As Painful and Sad as we both Feel right Now WE would never have wanted to miss the out on the MOST INCREDIBLE 15 YEARS we had with Big Boy.
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