I lost a friend today
by David Boles
I Lost A Friend Today


I lost a friend today,

A friend of 11 years.

When she passed away,

I cried so much I ran out of tears.


We never talked in words,

But we always found a way to talk.

She knew how to tell me things,

By her tail wags, her looks, and her bark.


She knew what I'd say back,

By my voice, my eyes and rubs.

Our talks were great,

They were of pure love.


If I went outside,

She would want to go.

If I went to another room,

She would find me and say hello.


She loved to go for car rides,

She loved to look around.

She loved to bark at strangers,

I had to say “Emma, settle down”.


She was the sweetest friend a person could have,

Big brown eyes that reached to her soul.

The tennis ball catcher, the frisbee lover,

To catch and bring back was always her goal.


The day she left was the worst day of my life,

It felt like my insides were dying.

I felt my heart tear into pieces,

I still can’t stop crying.


The thought of never seeing her again,

Only adds to the pain,

Ive picked her toys up for the last time,

The house just isn’t the same.


I lost a friend today...

David Boles 6 20 2021. Emma 3-5-2010 - 5-6-2012
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