Prayer for our Gizmo
by Dawn Teser

You touched & filled our hearts in so many ways,
We will always think of you every single day.
It will be hard & hurt us so,
We know you loved us but it was your time to go.

The times we spent with you and the memories we have we will hold close to our hearts,
That is one connection we have that will never part.

We are so grateful you held on so we could hold you and say our goodbyes,
The love we have for you will never die.

We miss you so much already & will cry so many tears,
Your place in our hearts we will hold near and dear.

Our tears for you may get less over time, but will never completely go away,
Because in our hearts you will always stay.

You are our guardian angel from heaven above,
Please know we miss you and you will always be loved.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ RIP Buddy
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