A Wild Heart Beating Free
by Debra Hoffmann

I love the flowers, I love the rain
Watching the kittens
As we play this game
I know you smile as you watch over me
I'm a cat in the meadow
A wild heart beating free

I saw your tears and I felt your hand
As my spirit passed you couldn't understand
It wasn't your fault, no it couldn't be
I was just my own purrson,
A heart born to beat free

I loved you truly, you know I still do
We belonged to each other
Please don't feel blue
I've left you my kittens,
They have my purr
My mate's there to love you
Show you Miracles occur
But don't cry too long, no
Cause my friend don't you see,
Our souls entwine forever
We're hearts who beat freeo

I lived life on my terms, I came home to you
I needed to thank you, and this now I do
For being my friend, you know you're my home
I'll love you forever, wherever I roam
I know you're sad, but don't mourn for me
Cause I'd do it all again
I'm a heart beating free

I know you saw me, in the twilight
A moment of clarity for you with second sight
I'll purr to you in dreamtime, as you stroke my furr
For I was meant to lead you,
Make Miracles occur
Don't doubt the magick, no cause you see
I'm an immortal spirit, A wild heart beating free.

D. Hoffmann 11/3/2020

Dedicated to Hissy, Forever of the Ridgewood Clowder. Always in our hearts.
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