Remembering BJ
by Debra Free
I still remember that December day,
The time I met my sweet BJ.
Your fur so black glistened in the light,
And those golden eyes shone so bright.
A shelter rescue you were to be,
For today you gained a family.
From that day on you showed us love,
And shared your soul from up above.
Each new day brought laughter and joy,
Whether running, playing or tackling a toy.
Years past by and the children grew,
They left home and it as me and you.
Each day that passed, I loved you more,
Our love together on wings did soar.
I came to know it was my fate,
BJ you were to be my soul mate.
From dawn of say to set of sun,
You gave your love to everyone.
Years have come and years have gone,
A toll on your body they have done.
Your soft black fur and eyes of gold,
Are telling us what we don't want told.
Your movement slow and your body's frail,
Yet showing your love you do not fail.
My heart is broken but I know it must be,
This is the day to set you free.
Fly so high my sweet BJ,
Free of pain, run and play.
Enjoy your time across the ridge,
I'll meet you one day at Rainbow Bridge.
RIP I Love You My Sweet BJ
Always and Forever in My Heart
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