The Dimension of Unconditional Love
by Debra De Stefano
When I got you my furry friend, I never thought my heart would continuously send,
Every feeling I ever had, be it good or sad, you listened, you snuggled,, you had a way of communicating to me, you responded so glad..

Glad to be a part of me, and I a part of you, my furry friend, you were more than fur, you were an unconditional soul of love who saw me through.

Isn’t it funny how people think words will help them through, I never knew eyes of compassion and listening, was would really help me till there was you.

And it wasn’t all about me, and what you helped me see, you got the best parts that I could be!

I gave you a love that I couldn’t give no one more, a reciprocal relationship your eyes and tail told me you adore.

To others, that was what furry friend’s do, To us it was a intimate connection that only God, you and I knew. It was the best of God, and the best of me and you. Unconditional love was a gift we could see, that God knew needed to be.

Now you’ve moved on to pastures green, never letting me lose our memories of us, how sweetly serene,

Though your departure has hurt in ways I’d never expect,, I know when I go and I resurrect, there you will be, jumping and smiling, and welcoming me!

But until then, you’ll be a part of my heart, always to cherish, while we’re apart. And sometimes in the quiet of the lonely night, I know you’ll be with me cuddling tight.

Some may definitely not agree, but you and I know unconditional love, sets a one dimensional life on earth free! It does t mean I won’t be sad, and often cry over you, but that’s why multidimensional people find ways to get through.

Missing the furry best confidant I ever had, doesn’t numb you not to feel,
Multidimensional pet owners feel feelings that are spiritually real.

Be happy and stoic , my furry love, we’ll soon be together to continue eternally our devoted love!u

Debra DeStefano

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