More than Best Friend
by Dee Walton

More Than Best Friend

I might be gone but I'm still here present,
With the lingering scent of my smell in the kitchen,
The smack of my lips when you're cutting a carrot,
And the sound of my snoring if you stay quiet and listen.

That empty space where I'd usually lie quiet and watch,
Fill it with fondness, not disappointment or loss,
Give me a glance, a whistle, a shout, or a laugh,
I might not be there but pretend that I am, like I was.

Remember a time when I craved your attention,
And I stuck my nose in your pocket in search of a treat,
Remember a time when my charm drew in strangers,
And even the neighbours knew that dog down the street.

But I wasn't a dog; I was a confidant, a friend,
A companion who would stay by your side 'til the end,
I was a brother, a son, a person of love,
A hundred times more than what's mentioned above.

Will I be forgotten? No, definitely not,
I will be with you until the end of time,
A canine so lively it brings a smile to your face,
And so smart and adoring it will bring a tear to your eye.

One in a billion, the best in the world,
With a snout, four legs, and all covered in fur,
Not blessed with a voice, just floppy, blonde ears,
The wag of my tail spoke the words you needed to hear.

So miss me, reminisce about me, want once more just to kiss me,
But don't hate that I'm gone, remember me warmly,
Those walks, those cuddles, those moments when I was naughty,
We've had our time, and I've loved every minute,
From the moment I met you to the moment it finished.

Now, from up here, where there are too many rabbits to chase,
The loudest bark of 'thank- you' I send,
And the love of a dog who’s had one heck of a life,
A dog named Woody who's been more than best friend.
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