Memories of Mimi
by Denise
1/30/2020 - My sweetest precious princess in the whole wide world. It has been 10 months since I last kissed your tiny little face and heard your little squeaky noise, I miss so much. Thank you for the signs you have given me Mimi. I felt you on my bed last night and before. I know it was you, because you were so tiny. Thank, so very much for coming to visit mommy. I hope you are playing with your big brother Sammy. Mommy has been very sad lately thinking about you both. It's so hard not to have you to come home to, and to kiss goodnight. I miss your little paw on my face, and I miss you nudging me with your little head to wake me up to feed you. I hope you know that I carry you with me everywhere I go. You needed mommy so much and mommy needed you so much. I still do, but now I have our memories and our love and special bond. That will never go away. I am sure you know that your brother Chino has cancer. His tumor keeps growing but mommy is doing the best she can with his prednisone and benedryl and all the herbs and mushrooms I could find for his type of cancer. If there is any way you can ask God to keep him around for a while mommy would appreciate it. I don't want to lose him, so soon after you and Sammy. I don't think my heart can take it. Sometimes I wish so much that I could just not be here anymore so that I can be with you and Sammy. But supposedly you are here with me I just can't see you for feel you. I hope that is true my little girl. It helps mommy thinking that you are always with me. I carry both you and Sammy in my heart and always will. Please come visit mommy whenever you want. I would love more than anything to catch a glimpse of you or to have a beautiful dream of you and Sammy. Mommy will love you always and forever and you will always be mommy's one and only precious little princess. I will write you again soon. Don't forget me. I will love you for all eternity, Love mommy
6/1/2022 - Hello my precious little princess. Im sorry mommy is a couple days late writing to you. I miss you little girl. I hope you are doing well. I hope you are still around Sammy and Chino. I have been thinking of you so very much. I'm sure you know that we have another doggie now. His name is Charley. I don't know if we can keep him yet but your daddy and I have fallen in love with him. Oh Mimi, I still leave a place by my pillow in case you want to come visit me hoping I will feel your little head bumps in the morning or hear you little monkey meow. but I haven't. I hope you have not forgotten about me. You were always my little mini me, and I still miss you so very much and wish you could have still been here with mommy. I don't know if you come visit me or not anymore. If you do, mommy would love so much to have a very clear sign from you. I miss your tiny little mouth and nose and tongue. Your little bright eyes. Your little monkey meow. Our peekaboo game in the bath tub. I wish I could kiss you again. Mommy closes her eyes sometime and pretends I am kissing you next to my pillow. I hope you are doing well and are not so afraid of anything anymore. Thank you for trusting mommy so much and giving me all the love you had and teaching me patience and understanding and love. Mommy will love you always my sweet little precious princess. Please don't forget get me. I will never, ever, ever forget you my little mini me. Thank you for our short time together. Please wait for mommy and remember I love you always and forever. Please tell Sammy, Chino and grandpa Sam that I love them and miss them as well. Mommy will write again soon my little angel. Always my precious little princess. Sending you so much love and kisses my little girl, love always, your mommy.

3/6/2020 - Hello my precious princess Mimi. Today is mommy's first birthday without you and same with Chino. I wish you Sammy and Chino were here to celebrate with me. Instead I just want it to be over with. I hope that you Sammy and Chino are playing together and I hope you still feel mommy's love. Will you please come visit me my precious little Mimi? Mommy would love to know you can still feel my love. I will love all three of you always and forever sweet girl. Please don't forget me my precious princess. Mommy loves you always and forever, love mommy.

3/30/2020 - Hi my precious sweet little Mimi. Today is one year that I had to say goodbye to your precious little fur suit. Mommy misses you terribly. You taught me patience with love. that you cannot go after, it but love comes to you, like you did with me every day for almost 7 years. You taught me trust, like the trust you gave me your mommy. I thank God for every second I got to spend with you. I miss your little funny meow and your squeaks when mommy would hug you. I miss you your tiny little beautiful face and your little paw on mommy's face. I miss your little kitty head buts you would give me to wake me up and feeding time. I miss you playing with Chino and your kitty brother Desota and grandma's kitty Sheba. I miss your little black velvety soft fur, and your beautiful bright green eyes. I know you are playing with Chino now that he has also left mommy and I know your big brother Sammy is taking good care of you. I miss you forever and ever my sweet princess. Mommy hope you dont forget me and will be waiting for me when we can all be together again. Please know mommy carries you Sammy and Chino in my heart wherever I go. Thank you for all your love, and thank you for our little peekaboo game in the shower. Please come visit me my sweet angel, mommy still needs you so much. My tiny precious princess, my mini me. Run and play with your doggie brothers and all your new friends my sweet baby, until we meet again. Mommy will never forget you, and((((( I will love you forever)))))), Love always, your mommy.

4/30/2020 - Hello my sweet baby girl. Another month has passed where I don't have you here with me. A total of one year and one month now. I still miss you every day. I still leave a spot clear for you by my pillow where you used to sleep, hoping your spirit is still there with me at night. I have so many wonderful memories of you my sweet little princess, my little mini me. I miss your little monkey meow, your big bright eyes, your little squeaks when mommy would hug you. I know it was you Sammy and Chino who told me to bring Sweet Pea inside and to give him a home. He is very sweet and he does deserve a good home so thank you for telling me to save him. He is not like you and never will be. You were my special little girl. You taught me so much patience. Each one of you, Sammy and Chino and you all taught me such different things, but the main thing was the most amazing love I will ever know. Mommy still sings to you Sammy and Chino every day and I hug you in my mind and my heart and soul. Thank you for all your love my sweet angel. I truly believe you are still here with me because I feel you in my heart and in my soul. I hope you are happy now, no more pain. Just happiness. You deserve it my little precious princess. Mommy will always love you just like this song says. Please don't forget about me my little angel girl. Please know that wherever I go, you Sammy and Chino go with me. Please keep sending me signs baby, and come visit me in my dreams. I need to feel you and see you. I will always need you. Please wait for mommy my precious little princess. One day we will all be together again. Love always and forever, your mommy. PS...mommy lit a candle for you and I always will, until I can no longer physically do this. This candle is to show you my love and to bring all of your beautiful love and energy to me always and forever. Love you my precious princess, love mommy

5/30/2020- Hello my precious little princes. Today is one year and two months since I last felt your electric love run through me whenever you were near me and looking at me with those big bright eyes of yours. Mommy still cries for you and Sammy and Chino. Mommy still sings to you every day. God, how I wish you were still here with me. Maybe you are. I would love for you to send me a sign that really stands out, so I would know for sure that you are still with me. Even though you left this realm. My love for you will never leave my heart. My sweet precious little angel. How I wish you would come visit me in my dreams. I love you to the moon and back. Remember playing peek a boo in the bathroom with the shower curtain? That was our fun little game, just mine and yours. Cocoa Puff seems like she wants to play this game with mommy, but I just cant bring myself to do it. This was mommy's and your game. I miss your little monkey meows and your little squeaks. I miss the warmth that would travel through me whenever you were laying on me or next to me. It was such a warm feeling of love that I never felt or will feel again. My little silly minnie me. My precious. My little black mamba. I miss your tiny nose and mouth. You were so precious to me and always will be. Every day that passes is a day closer I get to being with you again, my sweet little girl. I hope you are not scared of everything where you are now. I hope you and Sammy and Chino still hang out and play and see each other all the time. I hope you feel my love, because I still feel yours. Please dont forget mommy my precious princess. Please visit me and let me know you are here with me still. Please always know that mommy loves you always and forever. You are a part of my soul and you will always have mommy's heart. You Sammy and Chino. Have a beautiful day in Gods fields. Dont forget mommy loves you baby girl. My sweet little Mimi. I will write again next month, but being thinking of and missing you ever day, and night. All my love, your mommy💔💞🐈🌈🐾🌹💐🌸

6/30/2020 - Good morning my precious little princess. Today marks 1 year and 3 months since I last felt your soft fur on my face and looked into your pretty little green eyes. I hope you are okay and playing with Sammy and Chino. Mommy misses you so much my little monkey meow. Gosh I wish so much you were still here with mommy, and maybe you are, just in spirit form now. I miss your fur suit and hearing your little meow and your little head bumps in the morning to wake mommy up to feed you. I miss our little peek--boo game in the shower. I miss watching you play with Meow Meow and Sheba. You are always in my heart and always on my mind. You Sammy and Chino mean the world to me and you always will. You were my special little princess and you always will be. I know I will have my own bond with the new kitties, but it will never be like our bond. You trusted mommy and only mommy and I loved you so much for it. I still wish your life with me hadn't been so short, but I hope that during your short little life with me you enjoyed every day with mommy. I know that your spirit is free and the only thing that brings me comfort is knowing that you are with Sammy and Chino and hopefully waiting for mommy to come to you when it is my time. It seems so very far away, but I know that every day is a day closer to being with you Sammy and Chino. Oh please my little girl, please, please come see mommy. Please send me a sign, please visit me in my dreams and please know how much I still need you and love you. I hope you still hear mommy singing to you and that you still feel my love for you. Nothing will ever take our love for each other away. I love you always and forever my sweet little precious baby angel. Don't forget about mommy, okay. I will write again soon. I love you with all my heart and soul. You will always be a part of mommy's soul. thank you for your precious love. Love always...your mommy

7-30-2020 - Hello my precious little princess. My little mini me. Today marks one year and 5 months since you left your precious little fursuit. Mommy misses you so much my little girl. You were so sweet to mommy and scared of everyone else. I hope you are no longer scared. You needed me as much as I needed you. I'm sorry I was grieving so much for Sammy that I didn't notice that you were sick. Not even three months after mommy lost Sammy, I lost you. I hope you are truly with me and that Sammy and Chino are as well. Mommy misses your little velvety beautiful black fur suit. Your bright eyes, your little paw on mommy's face, your little monkey meow, your tiny little mouth, you watching mommy put on make up, our peek a boo game with the shower curtain, your sweet nudges to wake mommy up to feed you, your patty cakes on mommy's legs at bed time. I miss seeing you and Desota, Chino and Sheba running around and playing with each-other. Mommy misses everything about you even your sweet scent. Sometimes I feel you around me. I hope that is you visiting mommy. Even though your little life was so short, I hope that mommy made you happy and that you enjoyed your life with me. I hope and pray every day that we will be together again. That you, Sammy, Chino and me will all be together again. Please tell Sammy and Chino hello from me. If you get a chance my sweet little girl, please come visit mommy and let me know you are still with me and waiting for me to complete my life here so that we can be together again. I love you with all my heart. Please don't forget me. I will never, ever, ever forget you! I miss you my sweet little precious angel. You are always in my heart and mommy carries you, Sammy, and Chino with me everywhere I go. Run free and enjoy yourself with your brothers Sammy and Chino. Please don't forget me. I will write again always, your mommy.

8-30-2020 - Hello my sweet little princess. today is 1 year and 5 months since you left you precious little princess fur suit. Mommy misses you ((((soooooo very much)))). I hope you still come visit mommy with Chino and Sammy. I miss you beautiful bright eyes and you shy nature. You loved mommy and trusted me with everything you had in you and I will always cherish this. You my electric love kitty. every time I could feel your fur on my leg or arm, I could feel your love travel through me. It was so very beautiful and I have never really felt that. I believe this was your way of showing me how much you loved me and I hope you always will. Now you are in spirit form. I can still feel you in my heart my little princess. I carry you Sammy and Chino with me everywhere I go. You were such a cute little petite precious princess. Remember playing peek-a-boo in the bathroom behind the shower curtains? That was our little fun game. You loved it. I miss you sitting on the bathroom sink watching mommy get ready for work. Your beautiful eyes would just watch me so intently. I miss you staying up late with mommy and knocking things off the coffee table. You were so mischievous. I miss you bumping your sweet tiny little head against my face and head to wake me up to feed you all. Although we only had 7 years together, I will remember each and every second. I think Desota still misses you. He still sleeps by my feet the way you would both do. One day we will all be together again and it will be so wonderful. In the meantime, will you please come visit me and send me little signs from you that mommy can recognize. I miss you my sweet precious princess in all of the world. I need to know that you still love me and come visit me from time to time. I will Always love you my pretty monkey meow. Please don't forget me. Mommy will write again soon. Love you always and forever, your mommy.

9/30/2020 - hello my most beautiful precious princess. Today marks one year and six months since you gained your angel wings. Mommy misses you every single day and I will as long as I am here until I can join you, Sammy and Chino. You are and always will be my special precious little princess. I hope that was you visiting mommy the other morning by my feet on the blanket. I miss that electricity of love running through me whenever I touched you or you touched me. I never got to actually hold your precious little fursuit while you lived in this life, but Im thankful I did get to kiss you and pet you and feel you and looking into those sweet trusting little green eyes and you giving me kitty kisses with your tiny little mouth and tongue. I miss your monkey meows and our peek a boo game behind the shower curtain. I miss you watching mommy put her makeup on in the morning before work. I thought I would have so much more time with with my little girl. I feel you in my heart every single day and carry you , Sammy and Chino with me everywhere I go. I cant wait for the day we are all together again. Meow Meow still misses playing with you. He loves and misses his little sister. I can still smell your sweet little scent. I know you are free of pain and healthy again. I hope you never forget me because I will never forget you. You will always be my precious little princess. Please keep visiting me and letting mommy know you are here with me. Please say hi to Chino and Sammy and tell them how much I love and miss them. Please come visit Meow Meow. You both loved eachother soooo much. I know we will be together again my sweet angel. Mommy loves you always and forever. I will write again soon my little sweet angel. My precious princess. Love always, your mommy forever.💗💕🐾💜🧡💛💚💙🐈🐱

10/30/2020 - Hello my precious sweet girl, mommy's princess. I hope you are running and playing and still around your big brothers Sammy and Chino. I can't believe it's been one year and 7 months, since I last felt your precious kitty head bumps and heard your funny little monkey meow. I hope you still feel all the love mommy still has for you and always will. I'm so very grateful for the trust you put in me. I wanted do much to be your mommy. I hope you still know I am your mommy and always will be. Your big kitty brother Meow meow still missed you. I'm worried about him because he is losing a lot of weight. Mommy is taking him to the vet Monday. Please be there with us and help us get good news. I know how you loved your Meow meow. Mommy Hope's you still hear me sing to you, Sammy and Chino. You brought me so much love and I only wish I could have saved you and given you more time with me. 7 years was too young. I hope that within those 7 years you felt happy and loved. Whenever your fur touch mommy, I could feel a warmth of love flow from my head to my toes. I felt all your beautiful precious love. I miss it so much. Well my little precious princess, mommy has to get to work but I want you to know I will never stop loving and missing you. You are always and forever in my heart and everywhere I go as are your brothers Sammy and Chino. Mommy loves you always and forever. Please keep sending me your beautiful signs. Please dont ever forget mommy. I love you forever and cant wait to be with you Sammy and Chino again one day. Love you my precious little Mini me, love always, your mommy💕🐾🐈💗💜🧡💛💚💖

11/30/2020 - Hello my precious sweet princess. My little Mini me. Well mommy had to spend another Thanksgiving without you. Mommy missed you and Sammy and Chino terribly. It was pretty rough, but I tried reminding myself that your beautiful little spirits were still right by me. I miss you my little girl. Mommy is very worried about your big brother Desota. Please please ask God to give me more time with him. Mommy was so upset that I didn't even feel like decorating, but I have started to do so for grandma. K miss your little headbutts. I miss playing peek a boo with you. I miss calling you and seeing you come to me. Mommy misses everything about you my precious little princess. I hope you still remember mommy and th
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