Dear Sunshine
by Diana
Dear Sunshine,
You know I love you with all of my heart and soul. I know you loved me unconditionally too. We had a bond so strong it could never be broken. You were the love of my life. And will always be that to me. I loved you, I held you, and teased you among many other things. You were a one of a kind companion bird that has that has touched my heart in such a way that I feel like I can’t or won’t be able to love any other bird but you. I will always be your mom. You may be gone, but you are certainly not forgotten. I miss your presence, I miss your love, and silliness. I miss your chirps and all the other noises you would make. You are a special treasure to me still today. As I look back to when I first got you, you were the first bird to step up on my finger. I said to myself that you picked me out, lol. I will never forget that day and will always hold that moment in my heart and memory. It’s not the same without you. You’ll always be my little pootwing and sweetbeak. If only I could turn back the clock and change what happened to where I could have more time with you. You weren’t just a pet or a bird, you were/are a special part of me. You brought many smiles to my face. You made me laugh. You were the best friend I ever had. Til this day and always and forever, I will always love you and hold you dear in my heart and soul. I love you my special friend. Mama misses you and wishes you were here. My angel, please watch over me, I know you will though. My precious, special friend, I love you.
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