For Cosmo
by Don
Cosmo came into our lives on a warm Saturday in April 2009. He was a bright energetic bundle of energy that came at a good time . I was between jobs and Cosmo was my constant companion for the 4 months that I was unemployed. During that 4 months we learned to understand one another and he was very good at communicating his needs. First was his dislike of wee-wee pads , all were turned into confetti in short order. House breaking required constant monitoring until he figured out that I could not see him waiting patiently at the back door. He learned to either bat at the vertical blinds or bark softly to get my attention , that process took us about two weeks. From that point forward there were only one or two accidents in the nine years that God loaned Cosmo to me.

Over the time he was with us he was my loving companion no judgement just unconditional love. Last January 2016 he became ill and I was forced to make the painful decision to have him euthanized to end his suffering. The problem started unexpectedly and one day he was his usual chipper cheerful self and eight days later he was taken over the Rainbow bridge to wait for me until my time is over here as well.

Cosmo was loved for the 9 years that we shared and my family an I still feel the pain of his loss seven months later.

Cosmo My little buddy you are sorely missed Feb 2009 January 2016
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