Stevie Magpie (aka Darwing)
by Donna Hamilton
Your life began its usual way
high up in the tree-tops
but that branch did sway!
Then all at once you hit the ground
when you came our way.
With outstretched arms we rescued you
if only for the night
Then hidden beneath your beauty
we discovered impaired sight
so now how could you fend alone?
was the question on our minds...
Without any eyes for flying,
without any eyes for food,
you needed a protective wing
to gently caress you.
We try to foster freedom,
we dig up all the grubs,
but wish that we could give you
what you'd truly love.
Whatever's in your future,
I'll say this black and white to you;
"Thank you for your friendship"
in Magpie talk so true!

R.I.P. my sweet...
I will hold you in my heart, and love you forever.
Fly high, until we meet again!
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