Stormy's Gift
by Donna
Two and a half years ago a stray showed up lost and alone on my door step and quietly walked into my apartment and my life. It was a magical moment and love at first sight. She was the sweetest, gentlest cat ever yet her playfulness made me smile. We only spent such a short time together, but, oh, the joy of the time we shared will always be in my heart. Little did I know when I named her Stormy, she was FIV positive, and we would indeed face the storm. She was a playful, sweet and a wonderful companion, and when she became ill, it broke my heart to see the essence of her begin to change. Stormy gave me hope again when I had lost all hope, then a secondary disease from the virus ravaged her. Stormy and I did a dance with the devil for as long as we could hoping that she would return to her former self. During the months we fought the disease, Stormy would often hide in the corner of the room, but I will never forget the last night together as we lay down to sleep she came up to me, face to face, touched my nose with hers and looked into my eyes, then she lay down near my heart to snuggle. We stayed that way through the night. Stormy so bravely told me goodbye that night, little did I know she would be gone the very same time the next night. She knew. True Love comes in many forms. For me it was the form of a little, lost, black cat that walked into my home and into my heart. Stormy, taught me to cherish love in any form and appreciate the magic of the time you have together for you never know how much time you have in the presence of pure love. She taught me to make every moment count.
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