My Life with Mom & Dad
by Doreen Schefer
My name is MacDougal and this is my story of how much I was loved. When I was 4 weeks old my new Mom & Dad came to meet me and fell in love with me. Of course I was a handsome little Westie.
Four weeks later my Mom came to pick me up she had a cozy bed for me for the two hour drive to my forever home! When we arrived she introduced me to MacTavish my big brother. MacTavish taught me the ropes, how and where to potty, played with me all the time, we chased each other, tumbling and jumping and snuggled at night next to Mommy and Daddy.

Then came the day my big brother was very sick and he gave me a kiss goodbye and told me to be a good boy. How I missed my brother, but i was a big boy now and I watched over my mommy and daddy.

Mommy played and took me everywhere I was so loved for several years to come. I was the king of the house but always a good boy and listened to my Mommy. Mommy took me on long walks, everyone in the neighborhood knew my name. I made lots of friends and was loved by everyone. All the girls at the vet called me a flirt because I would give them kisses. My nick name was BabyDukes, Dugs, Douggie, digger and cool dude I was very happy.

When my time came my mommy held me close told me joe much she loved me and would miss and would never forget me. She said you will always be in my heart until we meet again my sweet BabyDukes! Love, kisses and hugs forever.

That’s my story of how much I was so loved and still loved by all. ❤️ ♥️ 💕❤️♥️💕💕💕💕
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