Unconditional Love
by Dorothy Parker
Time to let you go

Oh, the time has come to make the hardest decision
I ever had to make in life my friends, to put you down,
to let you go. You tried so hard to be strong and try
to hang on but every day that passed by, I noticed
through my eyes, you were getting weaker each day,
My selfish prayers that I prayed, I could not let you go for I wanted you
to stay.

How hard the battle was for you my four legged friends
to fight the battle of cancer, you were so brave,
fought so long, tried to be strong and hang on for me
because I just could not find it in my heart to let you

When you lift your weak head up and glanced in my eyes,
I saw the pain, the suffering and your tears through
your tears you kindly was asking it time to let you cross
over the rainbow bridge.

You never quit until the battle of cancer won,
though it was rough along the way, my heart wished
you could stay. You closed your eyes went to sleep,
Oh, how my eyes weep.

I tried to be a brave spirit, time be strong to let
you go my four legged friends. I know if if you could
leave a last advice to give me, my four legged friends,
you say press forward, keep going.

Whenever your eyes are puffy from crying, feeling blue,
remember the precious moments we shared, I am okay.
I no longer have cancer, no more pain, I am happy for I have so
many friends here when I crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Mommy and daddy you given me a great quality of life,
you given me the best gift. I knew it had to take courage
to put me down and place me in God's hands, to let me go which was the hardest
thing to do. Thank you for loving me so much and for the final
act of love to let go a old senior four legged friends, know
we arrived safely crossing over the rainbow bridge, and safe
in God's care.

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