You were there and now you are gone
by Dreama
You were there,
In that cage curled up and oh so scared,
You let out the softest meow and reached for me.
I couldn't resist those soft sad golden eyes.
When I saw you struggle to stand I suddenly knew why you were there.
Your leg was missing and no one wanted an old broken tabby cat.
It was your eyes that pulled me in.
So deep and soulful but kind.

The day I brought you home was pure chaos...
The dogs were parking and the other cats were all running about, but unflappable you, you took it all in stride.
You quickly won the love of everyone in the house and soon became the dog's best friend.
You played with the kittens as if you were young and comforted the older cats when they were ill.
You gave many head bumps when your humans were sad, and brought many days of happiness and joy with your antics.
You sat quietly in our laps looking deeply in our eyes telling us everything will be okay during the worst of days.
Next thing we knew you were gone all too soon. You laid down for one final sleep.
You were with us for only a year and a half, but made such and impact on all those in your path.
No longer will your head bumps and soft golden fur be felt, no more quiet mews or purrs in the middle of the night.
No more long soulful gazes will be shared.
You made our lives all the richer for being here.
We will miss your love and compassion poor sweet boy. Fly high sweet boy and know we will always love and cherish you. And some day we will meet again.
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