My beautiful Lizzie
by Earlene
Lizzie came into our lives as a puppy. Our little granddaughter picked her out of a little of about 8 puppies. They were best friends from the start. Lizzie was very playful, gentle, loving, funny; we loved her very much.
Whatever affliction it was that she got was very sudden, it progressed fast. It was difficult to watch her decline so fast. We tried numerous things to get her relief and hoped she would get back to herself. She did not respond. The hardest, saddest, heartbreaking thing was to let her go. Lizzie was a 10 1/2 yr old Black Lab, who was as much a part of our hearts as our two legged kids. Spoiled and loved as anyone. Lizzie we will miss you terribly and forever. Love Gramma and Grampa
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