My Derwin DOG
by Eboni Barnes
When I was 15 I begged my mom to get me a puppy for my 16th birthday. When she said yes I started looking online for the perfect little one I could hold and love. I wanted a girl but in the end I didn’t care.
A month before my birthday mom and aunt GG got in the car and said come on. We pulled up to a dark alley and I got scared. They told me they had a surprise for me and to stay in the car. A woman came to my window and put you in my arms. You were so little and cute! I remember being so nervous. I think you were too but I immediately fell in love with you. When we got home your name was DOG but you didn’t respond to it so I called you Derwin and you started barking. You were officially Derwin DOG. You kept me up all night because you missed your mommy. But I was your new mommy and I wanted to show you that I’d take care and love you just as much. Over the years we grew closer and you drove me crazy sometimes but no matter what you did I still loved you. I remember staying up late eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’d make sure to put extra peanut butter on the crusts so I could give them to you. We sat up on my phone or iPad, you always layed right next to me and watched the movies with me. You protected me from strangers and other dogs when we went on walks together. You were the perfect dog I don’t know how I’m going to make it without you, I’ll miss seeing you run down the stairs to me when I come home from work. I’ll miss the summer days of holding you in my arms while we were sitting outside together you were than just a good dog you were the best dog I could ever ask for, I love you so much Derwin DOG

Rest In Peace😭😭
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