An Ode to My Best Friend
by Edna Jones
An Ode to My Best Friend
How much I loved you, my best friend
You were my life, my joy, my happiness
And you had to leave.

God called you home,
And I miss you terribly,
You taught us how to live, how to love.

Your dancing steps
When we walked in the door,
Taught us the love you gave so unconditionally.

Oh why did you have to leave,
Your absence leaves my heart in scars,
And my soul cries when I think of you.

Your antics, at times, taught me how to smile,
How to laugh, and how to cry too,
I feel so lonely without you.

Your 5:15 pm dinner calls, made my heart glad,
That you were in my life,
And hopefully, in my memories forever.

I will see you again, my love
When I meet you in Heaven
And can hold you in my arms again.

I will miss you forever, my little Princess.

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