Hugo our special little hooman
by Elleni and Bill Zissopoulos
This is what Billy wrote for our baby boy.

Hugo | our cheeky little monkey; our Hugi-B-Bear; our Gusse/Ugo/Gu-Gus; our little Hooman

Your Mummy and I are so very heart broken, shattered and empty without you here by our sides. The joy you provided, the laughs you gave, and the clowning around you did, will make us smile as we travel through our journey that is life. All you asked for in return (well, maybe demanded sometimes), was pats, tummy scratches and butt rubs.

You endeared yourself to everyone you met, had love for everyone, and was always interested in other humans to elicit more pats, tummy scratches and butt rubs. I will always be thankful for working from home where I had bonus time with you as my work buddy as you 'supervised me' on your bean bag. Our nightly walks enabled me to switch from work to home mindsets, were our special times that will never be forgot.

We love you oh-so much and always will, but now the moment has arrived in which we must handover the custodianship of you and your spirit. But be not afraid our Hugo, for your sister, Lolita will now be your custodian! Lolly blazed the path first to get everything ready for you, her big bro, and now that everything is set and mummy and daddy are in much better spaces after being knocked to the canvas multiple times, she called out to you to come home. She will be your protector in the next life as it was in this one. She's already sorted the Ferryman for you, sorted you VIP entry, set up your new digs with blankets, chew tows and I'm pretty sure she stole some of our clothes hangers for you to chew on. So no need to be afraid nor scared Hugo, for Lolly is now with you and will protect you throughout all eternity. You can now commence your journey knowing your Mummy and I will always love you, cherish you and that you'll live on forever through us, for the rest of our days.

We love you and will always miss you, but the knowledge that you will be reunited with your shadow and protector, Lolly, lessens the pain ever-so-slightly. You were our special little hooman and we are forever indebted that you enrichened our lives and spirits, and of all those that you met.

We love you,

Your mummy and daddy
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