Princess Crosses Rainbow Bridge
by Elyse Robbins
Mama, you asked me what it was like to cross the Rainbow Bridge, so I thought I would remind you of what we did a couple weeks ago, before I actually cross the bridge.

Remember when you were standing in the driveway and you watched me cross the street without looking left or right (I knew you were there, watching!) I didn't miss a beat, just kept on straight across to the neighbor's yard, through the fence slat, and right on up the steps past the two BIG cats lazing on the porch and on up to the food bowl. I just started munching away and the two cats didn't even swish their tails! Like the food bowl had MY NAME on it!

You weren't too happy at the spectacle of my trotting across the road, into their property and eating their food! But really, Mama, maybe this was my way of showing you that I KNEW THE WAY ALREADY and you had to SEE THAT I CAN DO THIS ON MY OWN and that I AM PROVIDED FOR, that THERE IS A PLACE PROVIDED FOR ME AND MY NAME IS WRITTEN THERE! AND I AM NOT ALONE!

You snapped your fingers and I came right back to you into my own yard.

You can't snap your fingers now, but you can see me anytime you want, anywhere you are, because you know I am with you. And this is my prayer for you, Mama.

Peace to your heart --
We are not far apart

Calm to your spirit --
"Tis the earth we inherit

Balm to your soul --
For now I am whole

So anytime you want, go to the green garden bench with your Bible, a cup of tea, some pretty flowers and a candle --

think of me and read to me. I miss you, Mama.

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