To Mama from Princess
by Elyse Robbins
Dear Mama, Please try not to be so sad, it will get better, I promise. I came into your life when you needed me most and you took care of me for 18+ years. I just got sick, that's all. My spirit wanted to be with you but my little body just kept shrinking and then I got so weak I could not even eat or drink water that last day. I tried to get up off the bed, but lost my balance and fell. I don't know how long I lay there, but you came home and found me, wrapped me in a blanket and held me through the night. I know I cried out to you and you cried even louder. But the angels told me that God sent them to me. I wasn't sure what was happening to me. He said, "I'll take over from here." Don't feel too sorrowful, Mama, there are some jobs that are above your pay grade. I know that's something you can understand. I know it's hard for you, Mama, but my body is right where you saw me so many times in the garden, right next to the green garden bench. I used to jump up on your lap as you set there and held me. I'd turn around, and you'd hold me that way, too. I have a job to do, Mama. Do you know how many fur babies it takes to push the clouds out of the way of the sun? It's exhausting, but you know me, I like being busy. I know that blue skies and warm sunny days are your favorite. You got me my favorites, you know -- tuna, chicken, shrimp, etc. So this is my way of saying "back atch ya!" You may feel depressed, but that's okay, I know you have problems with it, but remember I came to you in the first place to help with that. I think I see Sweetie Pie over there -- remember I helped you when my brother passed away five years ago. You just kept saying, "it's just us two old ladies, now, but we'll make our life together, just the two of us, and we'll do special things together." I miss my tummy rubs, Mama. I miss coming when you snapped your fingers or whistled. How many guardians can say they and their fur babies understood each other that way? Remember when you walked out to the driveway and saw me sitting there. You called my name, but I didn't even turn my head. You thought I was losing my hearing. You watched me watching your shadow. Then you got closer and I turned around and stuck out my paw to you as if to say, "glad to meet you." You took my paw in your hand, shook it, and said, "glad to meet you, too." That was just a couple days before I went with the angels. That's just one of many special moments I was sent to you for, for you to remember as you sit on your garden bench and reach your Bible. Especially Psalm 104, I know that's your favorite, especially about the lions. You can light a candle anytime you want, Mama. I remember our prayers we said together. "Mama loves Princess. Princess loves Mama. Time to go seepy-seep and dream of birdie, birdie, birdies -- big fat birdies. Ppprrrrrrr..... turn around and lie down." And that's what I did...
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