Dear to my heart
by Emily
Every wag,every bark,
Every move is dear to me,
dear to my heart,

Every whine,every whisker,
Every gentle, loving,whisper,
So dear to me,dear to my heart,

Every snuffle,every squeak
Every affectionate nip from an avian beak,

Every moment,every day,
I wouldn't have it any other way,

And when we part it won't be forever,
Our Hearts are together through all weather,

We'll meet someday in heaven, both our spirit and our soul,
Where we'll be together, healthy and whole.

Harry potter, oreo,humphrey ,truman,and timmy,your my sweet babies and I'll never forget you.Thank you for every moment.I'm sorry I Sometimes forgot to feed you when I was little.😘😘💕💜

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