ON FEBRUARY 9TH 2018 AT 10:00am
I was surprised with a beautiful baby boy named PANZON you were so precious and fat and the kisses and all the lovin we gave eachother was so amazing that nothing else could compare to tge love we had as you grew bigger and bigger I seen you were sick and your Lil belly was bloated so bad that there was nothing that the vet could do for you I cried and prayed each and every night like I am right now to hope you would get better but I tried to make you as comfortable as possible and pain free but on MAY 2,2018 AT 10:00PM YOU TOOK YOUR LAST BREATH AND I WAS SO HEART BROKEN I TRIED CPR ON YOU AND YOUR LITTLE LIFELESS BODY WAS GONE I BLAME MYSELF EVERYDAY ON WHAT MORE COULD I HAVE DONE FOR YOU TO KEEP YOU WITH ME ON EARTH BUT THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO MORE WHEN DADDY AND I MADE YOUR LITTLE BOX FOR YOUR GRAVE I CRIED SO MUCH I DIDN'T WANT TO LET YOU GO I HELD YOU IN MY ARMS FOR HOURS HOPING YOU WOULD COME BACK TO ME SO NOW YOU ARE BURIED IN OUT BACK YARD IN THE CORNER OF THE FENCE WITH A LIGHT SO YOU CAN SEE ME AND I CAN SEE YOU EVERY NIGHT AND DAY AND TALK TO YOU AND LET YOU KNOW I AM HERE I WILL SEE YOU SOON MY LITTLE PANZONSITO TE AMO MUCHO MI AMOR R.I.P
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