Alex was my best friend for 11 years He passed away on July 5, 2015. We used to go to the park often up to 3 times a day. I would ride my bike and he would run/walk to the park which is about a mile away. We stayed as long as he wanted to, a few times he was just for a few minutes he was scared of thunder and fireworks.
Strange things happened after he passed away. He was gone but not in spirit. It had been 3 times I cut the grass since he passed away. I went outside one morning and the very last place he rested in the yard was his outline in the grass. Five different times on cloudy days that I walked to the park I remarked to myself that I missed Alex. And each of those times briefly the sun came out and I saw my shadow. Two times small devil tornados formed in front of me. Once on a sunny day, a very small cloud went by covering my shadow. One of his hiding places was under my bed. One night the bed started moving as though he was there. After 3 times I actually got out of bed and looked. As I was making coffee one morning I felt something press against my leg and suddenly felt his fur in my hand. As I was headed out the door before I opened the storm door the smell of the dog engulfed me, I stood there a few minutes taking it all in. My joy and happiness went with him when he passed away. The phrase dogs are mans best friend rings so true when they leave this world
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