Tiny baby
by Gabrielle Denise Pintor
Our girl was two years old, she was merely a baby but she was taken from us, too soon.

We went back and forth to the vet trying to take her back to her normal, snobby yet playful self.

It is so surreal, death.. It's like she was there days ago, being like a dog, barking, eating and playing around, then she was suddenly so weak, with eyes so sullen, having a difficult time.

Even after all that effort, what we dreaded came at last. She wandered into sleep and peacefully passed away, erasing her pain and leaving us behind.

"Atleast we made her safe and feeling loved until her very last days" I keep saying to myself but grief swallows me whole. Maybe one day, the pain dulls and I will only remember her happy days, like when we went to a park, her first swim at the beach, the time where she let me rub her belly,when she ate her favorite food like a pig, when she licked my finger lovingly, when I first set my eyes on her, when we first took her home, when she was so tiny, like her name, she could fit on my hand. When she slept like a little baby on my stomach.

But for now, all I see is her lifeless body, her cold hand and it kills me, a million times over. I think I'll never get over this one - just get used to the fact she's gone.

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