A Tribute to Clyde my Buddy
by Gary Helmke
A Tribute to Clyde my Buddy
On 5/1/2017 I started a job with a dog daycare. On that same day an eight month old mixed breed by the name of Johnny Cash came to the daycare. Johnny was rescued from a kill shelter and was under nourished and very frightened. I worked with Johnny most of that day. On Johnny's second day he came out from the kennel that he was cowering in. I thought that perhaps, if I introduced him to Clyde an American Staffordshire Terrier, who was a very gentle and playful 4 year old, that possibly it would help Johnny get over his fear. By the end of that work day Clyde and Johnny were inseparable.
On 6/2/2017 I had to place Clyde in his kennel. He had gotten into it with another dog who had started the fight. Clyde was injured as a result. Perhaps it was because that after 5 weeks of Clyde and Johnny being together all the time, Johnny was adopted and Clyde was alone again.
In the short time that I got to know Clyde I fell in love with him. Every day when going into the daycare the first thing that I would do was to give Clyde a hug and the last thing that I would do before leaving was to give Clyde a hug.
Clyde was alone in his kennel when he passed away. How ironic is it that in life Clyde did not have a home with people to love and care for him. In death however his ashes have found a home.
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